Location - Duoluna

Location - Duoluna

Duoluna, the planet of two moons, created by the Titan Ferus, a fertile green planet with mountainous undulating terrain covered in vegetation. The two moons formed from fragments of a comet scorched when it passed the Dog Star Sirius.

The people of this planet are called Ferusians, they are tribal; obeying a strict code of pack hierarchy but united in their old ways which have not changed for millennia. Their strength comes from the power of both moons which when in full green illumination, together they have the power to draw out the primal inner strength of its people.

Ferusians are a race of ancient travelers and the knowledge guardians of science and engineering. For millenniums they have visited planets that have been devastated by the apocalyptic Great Rutrah, teaching those who’ve survived how to rebuild.

There are theories that these beings have passed down this knowledge to mankind when they visited Edyna (Earth) with the evidence of some of our greatest structures which have stood the test of time.

It’s interesting that two civilizations on separate continents with no adjoining land mass could share similar beliefs and create structures so advanced even by today’s standards. Both ancient civilizations had an eye towards the heavens and most specifically the dog star Sirius.

These ancient engineers go by many names here on earth, some are even worshipped as gods and guides to other worlds.

Head of the Xolotl. Collection of National Anthropological Museum, Mexico City.

Stela of Siamun and Taruy worshipping Anubis.


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