In the beginning…

Out of the chaos, 10 Titans created the known universe

From their own celestial bodies they gave life to 10 planets, each realm indicative to the Titan that created it. Every planet was as different and more amazing than the next, life evolved in many forms, and over billions of years the titans observed and nurtured the growth of their new worlds. Importantly they stay connected by cosmic energy channels, which maintain complete harmony and serenity in all things secular and spiritual across all realms.

However, over time, life failed on the Titan Abysius’s planet and instead a disease manifested. 

The disease spread as Abysius’s rage grew watching the others succeed where he did not and like a petulant child he tried to contaminate and destroy the other worlds. If he cannot create perfect life; then neither should the others. 

To protect the trillions of lives, and the future of the young universe, the supreme Titan Edyna ordered the other titans to imprison Abysius and the sickness deep inside his own planet.

Titan Elysian- The realm of gods

The first Titan planet, Elysian, gave life to many beasts and creatures, but was most notably dominated by the Euclideans, an advanced race of ancient anthropoid humans.

They are the oldest intelligent life form across the universe, surviving many ice ages and the Ruhtra (The Great celestial apocalypse). Like earth and the evolution of man, there are many shades and variations in physical appearance, however they all share the same piercing green eyes and a strong robust musculoskeletal system. The Euclideans have evolved perfectly, to be stronger and quicker, and have even learned to gain greater access to their cerebral cortex in order to harmonise with fellow Euclideans and the world around them.

Elysian is the ancestral planet of the Euclideans. Thousands of generations of Euclideans have lived, loved, and died on Elysian, a paradise planet covered by one deep ocean that spans the whole sphere. Land was the many peaks of the colossal mountains which had risen sporadically from the planet's crust piercing the surface of the ocean. Cities were built high up into the mountains. Life was harmonious, naturally linking the planet’s cycles whilst still advancing their kind through technology, exploration, and spirituality.

The Euclidean elders believed the planets were self aware. Each sphere is thought to be conscious of itself and the mutualism it shares with the symbiotic realms they host. The balance in the universe is of all things both spiritual and physical, whilst still at the mercy of the fundamental interactions of the universe. Observed on all 10 realms, the four fundamental forces that form the basis of all known interactions in nature are:



Strong nuclear

Weak nuclear

… however some speculative theories by the elders suggested a fifth force has always been present. 

The characteristics of this fifth force depend on the hypothesis that the planets are in fact alive and they are the titans themselves.

The Euclideans figured out how to utilise the energy channels as ancient pathways or portals to travel to the planet Edyna, known as Earth the realm of man. The portals rely on perfect timing and alignment between gates to ensure safe passage. Entering a gateway without perfect alignment could mean the traveller is stranded for eternity or until the orbital alignment reconnects to a gate.

Titan Edyna - The realm of man

It was believed that Edyna now called Earth was a forgotten inception project by the elders to create sustainable life through subatomic sublimation in case of another Ruhtra would destroy Elysian. Their plan in the event of another apocalypse was to evacuate all Euclideans through the portals to a bountiful Edyna. 

Edyna a primitive evolving planet became a play ground for the Euclideans while they ensured their presence and impact was negligible to avoid disrupting the natural order and the evolution of man.

Titan Abysius - The realm of demons

It is said that the first Abysians were Euclidean explorers who found a portal on Edyna which lead to the baron titan planet. Whilst exploring this undiscovered planet they travelled deep into vast caverns under the surface, beckoned towards its core by a voice. They believed the Titan himself, spoke to them asking them to make Abysia their new home and that he would protect, love and reward them. He promised new life, wealth and prosperity for all those who would obey and worship him.

Many young Euclideans led by a few of the more self indulgent elders were lured by the promise of notoriety and fortune fled Eylisan to make Abysia their new home and to worship Abysia and all his glory. Life on Abysia is predominately subterranean due the exposure of its nearest sun. The worlds surface is baron bar two large canyons that dissected the planets from the poles crossing at the equators.  The two deep canyons have rivers as wide as seas that run through them and the cities are cut high up in the walls expanding deep under the surfaces crust. 

The atmosphere and subterranean life of Abysia over generations mutated the Euclideans. Their skin became pale through lack of sunlight and their eyes and pupils grew bigger. A principally hyper-carnivorous diet had led to sharper teeth and keener senses. It's as if they had unlocked their primaeval DNA code and physically they had reverted back. 

Over centuries the Abysians used the portal to launch hunting raids into Edyna under the cover of night, hunting all manner of beasts and even man. 

Their greed and disregard for the balance of the natural order of all things brought about tension and anger between the races. Tension led skirmishes, then raids which eventually brought about all out war between the realms of Euclidean.  

Millions needlessly died, forgetting that they were all once one race.

A truce was struck in an attempt to cease all wars and restore peace and harmony across the realms. The truce was agreed and ordained by a marriage of the first born of the Elysian and Abysian kings, King Svenstone and King Vanth.

The Elysian prince Ivan and The Abysian princesses Hedera’s marriage was a celebration, a start to the reformation of the one Euclidean race. The newly married couple established themselves on Edyna and became the Duke and Dutches of Edyna and future heirs to the one Euclidean race.

The unity brought about peace and bounty to the realms for a millennium and all seemed well…

Avarice bc-Edyna

The sister of king Vanth, Princess Avar could never come to terms with the union, believing it was unnatural and pushed her position within the Abysian Royal council further away from the seat of power. 

Learning that her niece the princess was pregnant angered Avar even more and in a rage she fled back to Abysia to seek solace with her god and Titan. She travelled deep into the caverns leading to the core. There she heard voice of Abysia once again. The voice called to Avar, beckoning her to listen to the dangers the Euclideans are doing to themselves and their contempt for her and position. The voice claiming a prophecy of a hybrid child born of both realms who would bring about the Ruhtra and the end of all things. The voice told Avar that Edyna hides many more gates leading to other realms and unexplored galaxies and by controlling the portals she would be free to conquer all worlds. First though she must remove anyone who would stand in her way.

But… the voice deep within Abysia had a far greater plan, Avar is but a pawn.

Avar told the Abysian council that their Titan had chose to speak to her from deep with the planet and told her of the damning prophecy and of the other 10 realms. 

Her brother was dismissive, he said the voice of the Titan had not been heard for thousands of years and she was lying. 

“Why hadn't he spoken to us before when we needed him why would he speak to you now?” 

He professed that too many of his fellow Abysians have died for very little reward and that upsetting the treaty would be catastrophic for everyone.

King Vanth wanted to honour the peace treaty with the Elysians and the bounty he's enjoyed that came with it. 

Listening carefully from behind Vanth’s throne was the purist and Abyisan religious elder, Dagon. He spoke up and sided with Avar, supporting her claim, linking it with spurious religious scriptures.  

Aligning with Avar would strengthen his own position and ambitions as well as keeping him in favour of the Princess who he was fond of. He encouraged the support of the pious state, preaching the titan Abysia himself chose Avar to be the saviour and the rightful empress of his Universe. 

The pious became zealots, looking to be led by the divine, and they called themselves the IFRIN, from old Euclidean “The faithful”.

Avars Ifrin, now lead by her General, Grand Inquisitor and most faithful servant Dagon. 

Blind devine belief of the mob is a powerful thing when staging a coo, nothings more virtuous than a holy crusade. 

It started with misinformation, fear and lies instigated by Dagon and his zealots, bedlam ensured in the name of Titan Abysia and the rightful empress Avar.

Avar launched a simultaneous attack across the realms, they hunted down and slaughtered the royal families and anyone loyal to them. 

Two Ifrin zealots posing as a servants snuck into King Svenstones quarters on Elysian. They attacked them with a long blades, fatally stabbing them through the hearts. The attack was too fast and ferocious for the king to be able to defend himself and his beloved queen. 

Back on Abysia, Avar was dining with her brother King Goodwar. Watching him gorge himself on Elysian food whilst waiting for the poison she administered into his mead to take effect. As the poison surged through his body he became paralysed and asphyxiated by the food in mouth. Avar enjoyed his last moments as he was dying, she taunted and reminded him of his contempt for her and that he was weak and cowardly.

Avar sent out Dagon to hunt down down the Duke and Dutchess ordering him to kill them and their unborn child.

Before the gate in now modern day Tianmen Shan, China could be closed a hoard of Ifrin led by Dagon had followed the Royals to Earth. Two unwavering Royalists stood fast to hold the gate giving a chance for the others to escape. Knowing they could not over come the Ifrin, they were still prepared to lay down their lives so others may live. They slayed many Ifrin but tragically the Ifrin still managed to get into Earth. 

Dagon ordered the Ifrin to scatter across the Edyna to track down Princess Hedera and her unborn child and bring them back to Abysia, anyone protecting them must face a heretics fate.

The titan Abysius’s plan is in motion to spread his disease across all 10 realms. Only the heir to Euclidean realm can justly rule and end Avars crusade to evoke Absius’s  plan to infect the universe.

The heir to the Euclidean throne must be protected until he is old enough to take his rightful seat as emperor of the Euclidean realms. Until then the gates to all 10 realms must be found and guarded all costs.

The realm of men became a battleground for the war of Good verses Evil and the ultimate stake of the Universe.

Edyna 2022 AD

The Royals have been hunted by the Ifrin for over 4000 years. The Ifrin used the weak will of men to gain position and influence on Earth in order to seek out the Royals whilst enjoying the spoils power. Where ever evil has raised its head you could be sure there has been Ifrin manipulation behind it. Over time the Ifrin would use superstition and religious persecution to seek out the Royals through war and mass genocide.

A coalition force of Euclideans and men was established to halt the Ifrin. In recent times the force hid within the ranks and headquarters of one of Britains oldest institutions, The HAC  (The Honourable Artillery Company) This ancient body has allowed the freedom and expense to fight a war of secrecy and most importance.

The HAC's headquarters sits within the centre of the banking district of old London and is arguably the most expensive and ancient, privately owned piece of real estate within the city. Through out history the HAC’s loyalty has neither been to crown nor parliament.Their history goes back as far as 1087  but they received a Royal Charter from King Henry VIII on 25 August 1537, when Letters Patent were received by the Overseers of the Fraternity or Guild of St George authorising them to establish a perpetual corporation for...