Mission Files - Krishna Thapa Magar

Introducing Krishna Thapa Magar

Krishna has been a friend since himself and Ben served within the UK special operations community. After his service Krishna has spent his time as a Senior advisor with the Sustainable Himalayan Foundation, a charitable organisation that helps the local Nepalese people with issues such as mental health, healthcare, education and also fighting against human trafficking within the area.

They achieve this through Sustainable tourism, accessible adventure tourism, education and charity treks and have made a huge difference to the local community.Last month for example they ran a 1 week self defence and meditation course for those mentally fighting human trafficking, especially for some of the under age girls who are sadly involved in this issue.

Krishna and the foundation’s work are the real stories that deserve recognition for the real evil that is being fought in the world. Make sure you go and support them over at Sustainable Himalayan Foundation and keep an eye out for our nod to Krish and his values with our latest addition to the Defenders of the Realm team …. All will be revealed soon !

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